In 1999, there were only 3 parties viz:



* Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP)


* All Nigeria Peoples' Party (ANPP), formerly old All Peoples Party (APP)


* Alliance for Democracy (AD)



In early 2002, 3 more parties were registered viz:



* All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA)


* United Nigeria Peoples Party (UNPP)


* Nigeria Democratic Party




The following were newly registered in December 3, 2002 in addition to the above 6 making a total of 28 parties towards the 2003 elections:



* National Conscience Party (NCP)

* Movement for Democracy and Justice (MDJ)

* People’s Redemption Party (PRP)

* Green Party (GP)

*All People’s Liberation Party (APLP)

*Better Nigerian Progressive Party (BNPP)

*Community Party of Nigeria (CPN)

*Democratic Alternative (DA)

*Justice Party (JP)

*Liberal Democratic Party of Nigeria (LDPN)

*Masses Movement of Nigeria (MMN)

*National Action Council (NAC)

*National Mass Movement of Nigeria (NMMN)

*National Reformation Party (NRP)

*New Nigerian People’s Party (NNPP)

*New Democrats (ND)

*Nigeria Advance Party (NAP)

*Nigeria People’s Conscience (NPC)

*Party for Social Democracy (PSD)

*People’s Mandate Party (MP)

*People’s Salvation Party (PSP)

*Progressive Action of Nigeria (PAC)


More have been added since 2006 and are listed on the INEC website:


Current Political Parties In Nigeria